Thursday, July 6, 2017


Have you head of a country called America?

The capital city of America is Washington D.C George.Washington D.c never lived in Dc.The white house was competed a year after he died and the second US, president,john adems was the first to live there.

In 2010 309,876,170 lived in America in 2015 321,723,631 lived in America then.2016 324,118,787 people lived in america in 2017 326,474,013,d there.

The united states of America is one of the largest countrysin the world besed on both population and land area.It has a relatively short history compared to other world nations, has one of the worlds largest economies,and has one of the worlds most diverse populations as such The United states is highty influential internationally.Easternf America the climate , is haimid.It is subtropical in the gulf and south atntic recons.Southern Florida is tropical,as is hawai and the us virgin Islands.

I hope you like my information about America.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

colour poem

                                          COLOUR POEM

Feels like a hard black wall 
tastes like A yummy chocolet cake 
small like yuck black gas
sounds like a fat loud engine
looks like a black rubbish bin

Monday, April 10, 2017


                NEW ZEALAND VS KOREA                      Last Friday Dawson primary school  went to see the Davis cup.It was boring  at the Tennis game because we waited  for ages, we had to wait 2 hours long finally we saw the match GO!!! NEW ZEALAND BO!!! KOREA.But KOREA won the first  set of 5.New ZEALAND won the second set of 5. that is all we saw of the game but there was more to we went to met the bus and it talk for ages to met the bus  we went though the bush and then we got lost in the bush but we fund our way out but we had to walk up the hill to get to the bus.                 BY CHEVY NIKORA

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A weather you have never seen befour

spissh lighting hit a car."click click click"oh no i can here the wind playing 7drums on the roof.Nooo what am i going to do.The sun and the rain fighting each other the rain with his angry clouds trying to punch the sun but the sun keeps on mounting the rains arms.The flood turning in to tsunamis taking out houses.Who will survive to be the super hero of the skies?.

Monday, March 27, 2017

hi my name is Chevy and i am 10 years old i am turning 11 this year in November the 15 and i will like to tell you some facts about my Salf i am year 6 and i go to Dawson primary school i am in room 18 a year 6 only class i have 17 friends in my class ther names are Lathaneal, Breezyn, Mosese, Tim, Adrian, Tevita, PJ, Jayden ,Rico, Andrew, Feagai ,Kalay, Lockiar, Sydeny, mercy, Alekiso, Fohe and that is all of my friends and all together we make a group of good fridens will let`s move on my favourite sport is cricket i played tounemant in papatoe Auckland we came 2end place boys and girls came 2end and we even seen the mrs harding and mrs funaki at the tounemant i have a pet his name is bullydog he is a bulldog he is 3 turning 4 and the girl dog 2 turning 3 so my boy dog is older then the girl dog.